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Security Software for Your Terminal Server

With the rise in technology aimed at terminal servers, remote desktop software has followed suit, allowing employees to access the server and do whatever work needs to be done from just about any location. Of course, this can rightfully cause concerns about security. Fortunately, terminal server monitoring exists.

When it comes to monitoring your terminal server, you generally have two options. One comes in the form of a log. Whenever someone signs into the terminal server, the log takes not. Likewise, the log records when their session is ended and they leave. But the log can also take note of idle time and even the programs the employee ran. This is a huge advantage for companies concerned about security or who just want to make sure their employees are working hard when they log in remotely.

While that is certainly helpful, some companies elect t to take it up a notch, citing an extreme need for security. Companies like these are generally in the finance industry, a government agency or a company working closely with one. These companies can depend on a kind of software that essentially records everything that happens on screen. It provides voluminous amounts of information, but it’s better than nothing in case of an emergency.

If your company needs to monitor their terminal server, consider one of the above types of software. They’ll provide the data you want and the peace of mind you need.


Article submitted by RDPSoft Company. They provide terminal server solutions that allow their clients to keep a terminal services log amongst other things.

The Antidote to Work Performance Poison

Facebook and other social media sites such as Tumblr, Twitter is widely popular among people now a day. It is no doubt that a vast majority of employees who have access to a computer and internet at their place of work will tend to go on these sites a few times during the duration of their shift. It isn’t really a bad thing if you think about it so long as it is done in moderation, but the moment that work efficiency gets hindered, that is when you should start to worry. Productivity goes down the drain when work is set aside to catch up on the latest status update of someone else.

In order to address this issue, it is first important to make employees well aware of their job and how it is not to surf or go on these social media sites all day long. Secondly, it would also be wise to use what is called remote desktop monitoring software where you can keep track of all the activities of a particular set of computers using another computer through the network. Likewise, a terminal server manager is another option in which you set the restrictions for the workstation computer in question and limit its access to social media sites.

Social media sites are nice because it lets us connect with our friends, but like all things good, must be done during the right time. These things can get addictive and end up poisoning work performance.


This article was submitted by RDPSoft Company. Various network tools available from RDPSoft Company including a terminal server monitor.

Beyond the Banner: The Various Elements of Online Marketing

By Ted Dhanik

While most of the public has gotten used to the standard banner ads commonly seen on websites, many advertisers have started to use other aspects of online marketing to help their clients reach a broader audience. Presented here are a few of the other elements available to businesses to help them find their intended customers.

Pop up and pop under ads are intended to open a new window on a computers browser. The pop up opens a new window above the viewer window, and the pop under opens a new window under the viewer window.

Expanding ads are a media device that grows over a viewing window. The initial activation may be due to a preset time frame, by passing the cursor over a banner ad, or with the click of a mouse. It takes a smaller amount of information and expands it so it may offer more in a larger window and effectively bring a more comprehensive message to the viewer.

One of the most effective methods, which also has the most potential for viewer dissatisfaction, is the trick banner. It is basically an ad that can find common elements of a website or blog, while enticing viewers with additional information. And while they have produced a large amount of click through, a good portion of viewers can get frustrated by finding an advertisement instead of the expanded information they were initially seeking.

While these are only a few examples of elements available for contemporary advertising techniques, many more to help a company’s advertising needs. By finding an advertising agency that uses many of these elements, businesses have a better chance of attracting more customers and will possibly continue to grow.

This content has been provided by Ted Dhanik and friends, leaders in the world of internet marketing. Be sure to consult with Ted Dhanik when you develop your marketing program. Stop by and visit Ted Dhanik at his website for more information.

Algorithms That Predict a Film’s Box Office Success

By Samuel Phineas Upham

Hollywood film studios spend billions of dollars each year producing and promoting their films, so it’s important that they develop projects that have the greatest chance of making money. According to Intelligent Life, one way they are doing this is by relying on predictive research to compare potential scripts with past box office results to attempt to determine the likelihood of a film’s success before it’s made.

One company helping Hollywood studios do this work is Epagogix. The London company uses algorithms to analyze hundreds of elements of a script — such as having clear villains or a sidekick — against other films. By finding similarities, Epagogix’s researchers are often able to determine how much money a film will make at the box office to within $10 million.

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Samuel Phineas Uphamis an investor from NYC and SF. You may contact Phin on his Samual Phineas Upham website or LinkedIn.

What is Taken into Account when Creating a Display Advertisement?

By Ted Dhanik

To create an effective display advertisement campaign, a lot of variables are taken into account and measured so as to effectively place the ad in a visible space with low CPC.

These include measuring and considering the following:


This researches the frequency of the users who view the website and utilize the ads on the site, including purchases.


Is the quality of the business ad good enough to capture attention and lead a consumer to the following page? There are various ways of creating ads to do this- using humor in an advertisement, for example, is one such way. Creative banners on a webpage are another.

Impression Curve

This refers to how many times a webpage is loaded or clicked on before a particular business’ ad pops up. If a business is high on the impression curve, then they are one of the first ones to show, and thus generate more business and traffic to their site than ads that scale on the later side of the curve.


This is extremely important because of the shortened attention span of internet users. If the ad is placed at the bottom of a page that requires scrolling down after an article to see it, then the traffic that sees this ad, let alone the amount of traffic it redirects, will be minimal. However, if the ad is placed near the top right corner, or in the middle of the page where it draws attention, it is more likely to engage the consumer and get more clientele.

These are a few of the finer details that go into creating a well polished display marketing advertisement.

Guest post provided by Ted Dhanik, CEO of engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik and his company offer high-performance marketing solutions for their clients. Ted Dhanik offers witty and insightful commentary in his personal blog

The Blunt Philosophy of Daniel Dennett

By Samuel Phineas Upham

Anyone looking for easy answers to life’s big mysteries might want to avoid reading Daniel Dennett’s latest work, “Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking.” As profiled in the New York Times, Dennett uses a science-based approach to reach deep philosophical conclusions about some vexing questions. But these conclusions aren’t always what people want to hear.

According to Dennett, consciousness is simply a construct of the workings of the mind and not tied to any other spiritual level. Dennett believes that a computer could theoretically be programmed to mimic all of the workings of the mind, including creating a sense of consciousness. This analytic and blunt approach to philosophy has earned Dennett a reputation as one of the leading philosophers of his era but has also put him at odds with many of his contemporaries who see philosophy as a pursuit less grounded in scientific facts.

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Samuel Phineas Upham About the Author: Samuel Phineas Upham is an investor at a family office/ hedgefund, where he focuses on special situation illiquid investing. Before this position, Phin Upham was working at Morgan Stanley in the Media & Technology group. You may contact Phin on his Samuel Phineas Upham website or Twitter.

The Benefits of Remote Desktop Management

Every businessman or manager recognizes the need for maximum productivity as it correlates to greater profitability or a quicker return on investment.

This means staying in touch with the numbers that justify whether or not certain productivity levels are being reached or not.

However, this can get complicated to handle especially if as a leader you have to leave the company for a period of time.

Which begs the question: How can you keep track of productivity, access your own files if you need them or even get detailed information on how your employees are faring at work?

It’s simple – this is where remote desktop management plays an important role as it not only allows you to gives you access to your documents but also gives you the ability to keep tabs on employees as well in being able to monitor how they are using their systems.

All you need is a decent internet connection and a computer or a smartphone to not only not monitor remote sessions but also look at detailed reportsin this regard.

Speaking of detailed reports, obtaining software that offers you the feature of a terminal services log helps you to also capture what any or all users do in a given session – one that can come in handy especially if this is for legal or compliance purposes.

Keeping these features in mind, it isn’t hard to see how beneficial remote desktop software can be for a variety of businesses.

RDPSoft Company, which is based in Las Vegas, offers products that help businesses track productivity as a whole by means of remote monitoring and reporting software. With the company’s focus on remote desktop software, their most prominent offering is the remote desktop manager.

What is a Terminal Server Monitor?

It’s not a stretch to assume that the technology associated with remote desktop or terminal server monitoring is catching on.

After all, the concept of ‘work anywhere’ has become a reality and people are warming up to the idea of not even having to report to an office for work everyday.

However, what hasn’t changed is the need for managers and businessmen to ensure that productivity levels are high while also pleasing their clients when it comes to monitoring (and even capturing) work carried out by employees.

Speaking of productivity, this can be tracked using technology that is best described as a terminal server monitor or reporter. It involves obtaining administrator rights to remote desktop software that has been designed to not only keep track of productivity, log in and log out times but also throw up reports of your organization’s productivity as a whole.

How this is done is by accessing all the computers on your company’s network. Now, even if you aren’t savvy with computers, you don’t need to worry about how you can set up or use this software as there are detailed help files, tech support and a simple graphic user interface that one can access by a few clicks of a mouse.

Think about it: you won’t even have to be at the office to know what’s going on or even if productivity levels are the same too.

In fact, the information that you are able to generate will be as good as than what you can get when you are physically present at the office.

RDPSoft Company, which is based in Las Vegas, offers products that help businesses track productivity as a whole by means of remote monitoring and reporting software. The act of monitoring remote desktops has been simplified for the benefit of anyone who runs a business and needs to stay in touch with their employees.

The Diversity of Thin Film Technology

Guest post is provided by Denton Vacuum, LLC, a leader in processes such as magnetron sputtering and PVD coating.  Browse their website for more information.

Thin film technology and vacuum metallization are used in a variety of uses.  These technologies are used in a variety of industries including medicine, solar, optics, microscopy, semiconductors, aerospace as well as other emerging technologies.

 photo thinfilm_zps8546712a.jpg

Both thin film technology and vacuum metallization have a wide range of modes.  When these processes are mentioned, it’s crucial to discuss physical vapor deposition.  Physical vapor depositions occur in a high precision vacuum.  PVD uses a thin layer film and places it onto a substrate.  This process doesn’t involve a chemical reaction, but is solely a physical process.  PVD is just one of the popular types of vacuum deposition systems that are widely used.

One of the biggest advantages to the diversity in thin film technology is the contribution it has made to the medical field.  Magnetron sputtering systems and ion beam etching are two of the most commonly used methods in the creation of medical devices.  The magnetron sputtering system is one such process that uses magnets to stabilize a charge while performing physical vapor deposition.  Essentially, a target material is vaporized and then leaves behind a thin film on a substrate.  These films are then used in the coating and manufacture of many different types of high-tech products, including medical devices.

With the production of the various medical devices, people’s lives all over the world are benefitting from these new technologies.  Medical devices span a wide range of uses and applications such as wheel chairs, pacemakers, MRI devices, as well as optics.

The Care and Maintenance of Outboard Motors: The Perfect Parts

Motor boats are just like every high performance vehicle. In getting your car repaired, you wouldn’t want to trust your life to cheap or shoddy automotive parts. And in the essential care and maintenance of outboard motors, the proper marine parts makes the difference between having confidence in the job getting done or the headache of fixing problems which could have been avoided.

 photo motors_zpsd7697b35.jpg

From a leisurely cruise across a lake to a commercial enterprise, a well maintained motor makes all the difference. And just as our cars need regularly scheduled services, so do marine engines. And having name brand tried and true accessories, such as Mercury marine parts, can add to our well ease, especially when one is out in the middle of a lake or on sea. Just imagine the scenario.

You’ve grabbed your favorite fishing pole, plus a few friends, hopped in your boat and set course for remote destinations to enjoy the fine, summer’s day. The journey to your coveted fishing spot was uneventful. No hiccups, no problems. And after shutting off your engine, you and your buddies have settled in for a nice, relaxing afternoon with poles in the water and filled good conversations.

However, all good days must come to an end and the eventual trek home is next on the agenda. Yet in attempting to turn over your engine, it refuses to start. And no matter what you try, it simply will not work. So here you find yourself, in the middle of a remote lake with no means of making it back to shore. And it’s starting to get dark.

Obviously this is a worst case scenario. However, this is an attempt to illustrate what can possibly happen without the proper care and maintenance. As they say, an ounce of prevention can go a long way towards having a fully functioning marine engine. When heading out on the water, we want the knowledge that our motor will be completely dependable and will work as expected when we need or want it.

When it comes to boats, especially leisure vehicles that aren’t in constant use, the idea of a simple oil change or tune up may slip our minds. And yet, if we wish to use these vehicles responsibly and get the most out of our investment, the idea of scheduled maintenance must be followed. It’s your boat. Therefore, it’s up to you to take care of it.
This content had been provided by Performance Product Technologies, retailers of Mercruiser parts and services for both work and leisure.