What is a Terminal Server Monitor?

It’s not a stretch to assume that the technology associated with remote desktop or terminal server monitoring is catching on.

After all, the concept of ‘work anywhere’ has become a reality and people are warming up to the idea of not even having to report to an office for work everyday.

However, what hasn’t changed is the need for managers and businessmen to ensure that productivity levels are high while also pleasing their clients when it comes to monitoring (and even capturing) work carried out by employees.

Speaking of productivity, this can be tracked using technology that is best described as a terminal server monitor or reporter. It involves obtaining administrator rights to remote desktop software that has been designed to not only keep track of productivity, log in and log out times but also throw up reports of your organization’s productivity as a whole.

How this is done is by accessing all the computers on your company’s network. Now, even if you aren’t savvy with computers, you don’t need to worry about how you can set up or use this software as there are detailed help files, tech support and a simple graphic user interface that one can access by a few clicks of a mouse.

Think about it: you won’t even have to be at the office to know what’s going on or even if productivity levels are the same too.

In fact, the information that you are able to generate will be as good as than what you can get when you are physically present at the office.

RDPSoft Company, which is based in Las Vegas, offers products that help businesses track productivity as a whole by means of remote monitoring and reporting software. The act of monitoring remote desktops has been simplified for the benefit of anyone who runs a business and needs to stay in touch with their employees.