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Setting up the ideal outdoor work area

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

Major companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have recently adopted outdoor working areas for use by their employees. This practice is not just a trend to make workplaces more unique. It actually carries some significant benefits for employees and their productivity.

Data has shown that being in nature can improve mood, decrease pain and stress, and improve creativity and memory. If your employees are struggling with a specific project, being outdoors may help facilitate the inspiration they need to concoct a new solution. In light of this, it’s a good idea to set up an outdoor work area your employees can use when they need some fresh air.

There are several essential ingredients to a good, functional outdoor space. You’ll need some comfortable furniture where your employees can work without being distracted. Make sure your furniture is designed for outdoor use and resistant to moisture and damage from sunlight. You’ll also need an Internet or Wi-Fi connection so that they can stay connected with their peers and keep up with online projects and assignments. The last element you’ll need is umbrellas to protect your employees from the sun’s heat as they work.

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