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Finding New Channels For Lead Generation

Lead generation is a competitive industry, and those who survive and grow are able to do so because they stay hungry. The need for more traffic, better conversions and improved engagement never ceases. These three channels will define conversions and user engagement in the coming year, so get a head start in testing your campaigns if you want to scale successfully.


Smartphone adoption rates rise year over year, and both Android and iPhone are popular offerings with a wide range of users. Smartphone users are also more motivated to solve queries immediately, which means they are highly engaged and highly motivated. Bigger screens also mean that there is greater room for content and ads, and that advertisers have more space to work with.


Video is already a major player, with just under half of all content consumed online consisting of ads. That’s a lot of video content, and websites like Twitch and YouTube are making sure content production isn’t slowing either. Mobile video is expected to be particularly engaging, mostly because videos there are short and the user is typically already invested in their phone and unlikely to look away.


The long form ad is making a comeback in the form of blog posts and informative articles. Native advertising is expected to continue seeing success with millennials, who shy away from sales pitches and obvious calls to action. The success of native advertising will depend on the proper audience seeing it, so granular targeting is the best approach.

Bio: Ted Dhanik has helped build some of the biggest brands on the Web, including and Ted Dhanik is passionate about digital advertising, and a thought leader in the space. Ted Dhanik is also the co-founder and CEO of engage:BDR in Los Angeles.