Setting up the ideal outdoor work area

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Major companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have recently adopted outdoor working areas for use by their employees. This practice is not just a trend to make workplaces more unique. It actually carries some significant benefits for employees and their productivity.

Data has shown that being in nature can improve mood, decrease pain and stress, and improve creativity and memory. If your employees are struggling with a specific project, being outdoors may help facilitate the inspiration they need to concoct a new solution. In light of this, it’s a good idea to set up an outdoor work area your employees can use when they need some fresh air.

There are several essential ingredients to a good, functional outdoor space. You’ll need some comfortable furniture where your employees can work without being distracted. Make sure your furniture is designed for outdoor use and resistant to moisture and damage from sunlight. You’ll also need an Internet or Wi-Fi connection so that they can stay connected with their peers and keep up with online projects and assignments. The last element you’ll need is umbrellas to protect your employees from the sun’s heat as they work.

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The basics of Room Air Conditioners


When it comes to the smaller room air conditioners, there are two types. Split type and the Window/wall units.

Split air conditioners consist of two parts, the indoor unit, and the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit generates the cold refrigerant which is then used by the indoor unit to cool the air. The outdoor unit uses a compressor and a fan cooled condenser to generate the refrigerant which is then sent to the indoor unit through ducting that runs from one to the other and back. The indoor unit runs the refrigerant through a cooling coil. The indoor unit blows air through the cooling coil which is what cools the air. The indoor units can come in the form of a cassette unit, which is usually ceiling mounted. Alternatively, the more common is the wall mounted duct type. Very large split units have floor standing indoor units.

The other type is the window or wall unit. These are much more compact and entirely self-contained units that have no outdoor component. Window units are fitted into the wall and will be supported externally by a metal frame. These are used in older buildings and are not used as much now.  The disadvantages of using these room air conditioning units are their lack of portability and the fact that they cannot be used as a spot cooler.

Although they require regular maintenance and servicing, a rental portable air conditioner can be used during these periods to provide cooling.

Server Room Maintenance

Maintaining your server room in good condition should be one of the most important facets to focus on, especially if you are aiming to operate as efficiently as possible. Generally, tangled cables, poorly aligned cabinets and racks as well as dust accumulation may damage your equipment and can even provoke a risk of overheating.

Environmental Monitoring

You can install sensors to your server room in order to monitor the temperature and keep a tab on changes in the humidity level. This is a great way if you wish to monitor your server room remotely and would also improve your general health and safety. Some systems also check for the power level and cater for any abnormal surges. AC systems ceating cold corridors around the server cabinets and improve air circulation through blanking panels can also be effective in maintaining a constant temperature. Portable air conditioners can be an option for this.

Managing Cabinets and Racks and Structured Cabling

For your data racks and server cabinets, you might consider accessories such as server rails and console drawers in order to prevent cluttering which can lead to overheating and increase space. Structured cabling would also prevent tangling of cables and make the space more easy to clean up.

Regular Routine

The general condition of your server room can be improved with a regular cleaning routine of the ventilation system, floors and blanking panels. An occasional deep clean can also remove grime, dust and bacteria.

Keep Computers Cool

By MovinCool

When you think about warm temps, most of us imagine the summer and heat waves that have us heading indoors and looking for the A/C and maybe even a cold drink. However, warm temps can do more than just put some sweat on our brow. They can also affect your important machines.

And when temperatures get to warm for your personal or commercial computers, they don’t sweat. Instead, they stop working correctly and eventually may even begin stop functioning altogether. No one wants this, but if you run computers for commercial purposes, this type of event could cost you dearly. This is especially true if you operate servers, which can easily overheat.

Fortunately, you have options for keeping temperatures to a manageable level. What many people and companies do is utilize portable cooling systems to help tame temperatures. You can also go all the way to industrial air conditioning methods if you really need the AC pumping to keep your important area nice and cool.

So don’t let warm temps hurt your business or computer. Use the right cooling systems to keep temps down.


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