Server Room Maintenance

Maintaining your server room in good condition should be one of the most important facets to focus on, especially if you are aiming to operate as efficiently as possible. Generally, tangled cables, poorly aligned cabinets and racks as well as dust accumulation may damage your equipment and can even provoke a risk of overheating.

Environmental Monitoring

You can install sensors to your server room in order to monitor the temperature and keep a tab on changes in the humidity level. This is a great way if you wish to monitor your server room remotely and would also improve your general health and safety. Some systems also check for the power level and cater for any abnormal surges. AC systems ceating cold corridors around the server cabinets and improve air circulation through blanking panels can also be effective in maintaining a constant temperature. Portable air conditioners can be an option for this.

Managing Cabinets and Racks and Structured Cabling

For your data racks and server cabinets, you might consider accessories such as server rails and console drawers in order to prevent cluttering which can lead to overheating and increase space. Structured cabling would also prevent tangling of cables and make the space more easy to clean up.

Regular Routine

The general condition of your server room can be improved with a regular cleaning routine of the ventilation system, floors and blanking panels. An occasional deep clean can also remove grime, dust and bacteria.