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What’s the Difference Between Wicker Furniture and Rattan?

The new trends in furniture are all about styles that are beautiful and yet durable. Families today want comfortable pieces that can be mixed and matched. Those older trends where consumers bought large, heavy pieces of furniture are gone. Those are considered old-fashioned and outdated. Why? Because this new generation looks for furniture that’s unique and even eclectic. Wicker furniture fits the bill!

Though Wicker furniture has been around for years, it has been evolving. The cushions these days are thicker and more comfortable. The fabrics won’t fade over time and they can be cleaned easily by lightly wiping them with soap and warm water. But some consumers have questions about rattan furniture. What is it? Is it different than Wicker?

What Is Rattan?

Native to Manila, rattan comes from a type of palm plant. This plant produces a type of light wood that is easy to work with. It can be made into thin strips and woven into baskets. Larger strips can be woven into the base for chairs, tables and sofas. It has a light, easy feel to it like Jute and Seagrass.

Though Wicker and Rattan are often used interchangeably, they aren’t the same thing. Rattan is a type of material as described above, while Wicker is the weaving technique. So, for instance, you would make a rattan basket by weaving it with a wicker pattern.

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The look and feel of wicker is the epitome of tropical island lifestyle. It’s a great choice for today’s young, on-the-go generation.