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The Diversity of Thin Film Technology

Guest post is provided by Denton Vacuum, LLC, a leader in processes such as magnetron sputtering and PVD coating.  Browse their website for more information.

Thin film technology and vacuum metallization are used in a variety of uses.  These technologies are used in a variety of industries including medicine, solar, optics, microscopy, semiconductors, aerospace as well as other emerging technologies.

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Both thin film technology and vacuum metallization have a wide range of modes.  When these processes are mentioned, it’s crucial to discuss physical vapor deposition.  Physical vapor depositions occur in a high precision vacuum.  PVD uses a thin layer film and places it onto a substrate.  This process doesn’t involve a chemical reaction, but is solely a physical process.  PVD is just one of the popular types of vacuum deposition systems that are widely used.

One of the biggest advantages to the diversity in thin film technology is the contribution it has made to the medical field.  Magnetron sputtering systems and ion beam etching are two of the most commonly used methods in the creation of medical devices.  The magnetron sputtering system is one such process that uses magnets to stabilize a charge while performing physical vapor deposition.  Essentially, a target material is vaporized and then leaves behind a thin film on a substrate.  These films are then used in the coating and manufacture of many different types of high-tech products, including medical devices.

With the production of the various medical devices, people’s lives all over the world are benefitting from these new technologies.  Medical devices span a wide range of uses and applications such as wheel chairs, pacemakers, MRI devices, as well as optics.

The Care and Maintenance of Outboard Motors: The Perfect Parts

Motor boats are just like every high performance vehicle. In getting your car repaired, you wouldn’t want to trust your life to cheap or shoddy automotive parts. And in the essential care and maintenance of outboard motors, the proper marine parts makes the difference between having confidence in the job getting done or the headache of fixing problems which could have been avoided.

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From a leisurely cruise across a lake to a commercial enterprise, a well maintained motor makes all the difference. And just as our cars need regularly scheduled services, so do marine engines. And having name brand tried and true accessories, such as Mercury marine parts, can add to our well ease, especially when one is out in the middle of a lake or on sea. Just imagine the scenario.

You’ve grabbed your favorite fishing pole, plus a few friends, hopped in your boat and set course for remote destinations to enjoy the fine, summer’s day. The journey to your coveted fishing spot was uneventful. No hiccups, no problems. And after shutting off your engine, you and your buddies have settled in for a nice, relaxing afternoon with poles in the water and filled good conversations.

However, all good days must come to an end and the eventual trek home is next on the agenda. Yet in attempting to turn over your engine, it refuses to start. And no matter what you try, it simply will not work. So here you find yourself, in the middle of a remote lake with no means of making it back to shore. And it’s starting to get dark.

Obviously this is a worst case scenario. However, this is an attempt to illustrate what can possibly happen without the proper care and maintenance. As they say, an ounce of prevention can go a long way towards having a fully functioning marine engine. When heading out on the water, we want the knowledge that our motor will be completely dependable and will work as expected when we need or want it.

When it comes to boats, especially leisure vehicles that aren’t in constant use, the idea of a simple oil change or tune up may slip our minds. And yet, if we wish to use these vehicles responsibly and get the most out of our investment, the idea of scheduled maintenance must be followed. It’s your boat. Therefore, it’s up to you to take care of it.
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