The Benefits of Portable Power Supplies

Long gone are the days when you had to be glued to the wall in order to use a laptop or other electrical equipment.  Today there are many options with solar chargers and portable power supply products.  Therefore, you can easily use personal electronic devices outdoors or while on the public bus or train.

The power source creates power storage and eventually power use.  You have to have an original energy source to charge a battery pack.  Next, the portable battery pack stores energy and then you can easily use an electronic device which can also be recharged.

There are various power sources that can be used to charge up a power storage unit.  You can use AC power (a wall outlet), a 12V DC (car charger), a USB (any source: wall, car, or computer), a solar panel, kinetic motion or hydrogen fuel cell.  When far away from wall outlets or some of the other outlets like a diesel electric hybrid gpu, you have to have a pack that can be charged in a different way.

Today, solar energy packs are a great source of off-the-grid power.  Solar energy is a great choice for long trips if you need to recharge a device multiple times.  There are a few variations when it comes to solar chargers.  You can select one that only has panels (rigid or semi-flexible), panels with integrated storage batters, or panels with independent storage batteries.

When selecting a solar panel, you should pay attention to the size.  Larger solar panels can collect sunlight quicker which translates into battery power being converted quickly.  Smaller panels can take longer to charge.  Solar panels chargers can take anywhere from 4 to 16 hours to charge.  Solar panels are measured in watts.  The higher amount of watts, the more electricity is generated.

While solar energy can store battery efficiently, it’s not always best to use to charge the electronic device directly.  The reason for this is that these power sources don’t always contain the proper circuitry which helps to control the flow of electricity into the electronic device.  Sometimes these power sources can actually lead to damage of the device.  It’s a good idea to always check the manufacturer’s guidelines before using a product with a specific type of charger.

When selecting a charger, pay attention to the storage capacity, the power output and the battery technology.


Space Weather Balloons Bring Families Together

Looking for something fun to do with the entire family? Finding a family-friendly activity that everyone will enjoy is easier said than done. But it’s not impossible. Simply ask anyone in your household, young or old, if they would like to send a weather balloon into near deep space and you’re sure to get a resounding yes. And you don’t have to pay a fortune to do it either.

Sky Probe, a company that offers near space platforms, is making it possible for families to spend quality time together as they work on the launch of a professional weather balloon into near space. How is this possible? The company offers affordable weather balloon launch kits designed for the average consumer. The kit includes the balloon, a GPS datalogger, and two extra support arms.

The whole idea behind this project is that anyone can do it. Families can work together to build the kit, plan the launch, and track the payload during the entire adventure. The company even offers technical support along with full instructions on how to build and use the balloon, which means you can participate even if you’ve never done this before.

If you’ve always wanted to make science and engineering fun for your children, a high altitude balloon launch kit is the answer. So how much does something like this cost? The Ultimate High Altitude Launch Kit is around $800. Considering that you can use it several times and that it will bring together your entire family, it’s worth the cost.

Beyond the Banner: The Various Elements of Online Marketing

By Ted Dhanik

While most of the public has gotten used to the standard banner ads commonly seen on websites, many advertisers have started to use other aspects of online marketing to help their clients reach a broader audience. Presented here are a few of the other elements available to businesses to help them find their intended customers.

Pop up and pop under ads are intended to open a new window on a computers browser. The pop up opens a new window above the viewer window, and the pop under opens a new window under the viewer window.

Expanding ads are a media device that grows over a viewing window. The initial activation may be due to a preset time frame, by passing the cursor over a banner ad, or with the click of a mouse. It takes a smaller amount of information and expands it so it may offer more in a larger window and effectively bring a more comprehensive message to the viewer.

One of the most effective methods, which also has the most potential for viewer dissatisfaction, is the trick banner. It is basically an ad that can find common elements of a website or blog, while enticing viewers with additional information. And while they have produced a large amount of click through, a good portion of viewers can get frustrated by finding an advertisement instead of the expanded information they were initially seeking.

While these are only a few examples of elements available for contemporary advertising techniques, many more to help a company’s advertising needs. By finding an advertising agency that uses many of these elements, businesses have a better chance of attracting more customers and will possibly continue to grow.

This content has been provided by Ted Dhanik and friends, leaders in the world of internet marketing. Be sure to consult with Ted Dhanik when you develop your marketing program. Stop by and visit Ted Dhanik at his website for more information.

What is Taken into Account when Creating a Display Advertisement?

By Ted Dhanik

To create an effective display advertisement campaign, a lot of variables are taken into account and measured so as to effectively place the ad in a visible space with low CPC.

These include measuring and considering the following:


This researches the frequency of the users who view the website and utilize the ads on the site, including purchases.


Is the quality of the business ad good enough to capture attention and lead a consumer to the following page? There are various ways of creating ads to do this- using humor in an advertisement, for example, is one such way. Creative banners on a webpage are another.

Impression Curve

This refers to how many times a webpage is loaded or clicked on before a particular business’ ad pops up. If a business is high on the impression curve, then they are one of the first ones to show, and thus generate more business and traffic to their site than ads that scale on the later side of the curve.


This is extremely important because of the shortened attention span of internet users. If the ad is placed at the bottom of a page that requires scrolling down after an article to see it, then the traffic that sees this ad, let alone the amount of traffic it redirects, will be minimal. However, if the ad is placed near the top right corner, or in the middle of the page where it draws attention, it is more likely to engage the consumer and get more clientele.

These are a few of the finer details that go into creating a well polished display marketing advertisement.

Guest post provided by Ted Dhanik, CEO of engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik and his company offer high-performance marketing solutions for their clients. Ted Dhanik offers witty and insightful commentary in his personal blog

Zebra Mobile Label Printers for Printing on the Go

Zebra Mobile Label Printers are the perfect solution for printing labels on the go. They can run on batteries or plugged into any electrical outlet. Some models have ports so they can be plugged into computers to send and receive shipping information. These types of printers are small and compact making them easy to carry. There is also the option of using a shoulder pack to store them in and carry them on your shoulder.


Today’s printers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are multi-functional with the ability to do several different jobs at one time. Printers today can do anything that needs to be done. For large capacity printing for example catalogs and brochures, there are large printers that are available as a standalone model or desktop version.

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People at home, or who own and run a business, need printers that can do just as much with diversity as the businesses and needs require.  Whether it’s one of the Zebra Thermal Desktop Printers or perhaps one of their Zebra Barcode Label Printers, you’ll find this company providing the kind of printers and service that your hard earned money deserves.  Printers may not cost that much but they’re still an investment that is a vital part of one’s computing experience.  From important documents to graphics and more, a well produced printer is supposed to last and then perform.  The printer specials that Zebra presents are the kind that consumers can depend on.

It isn’t wise to underestimate the value of a great printer.  One doesn’t want to be kept from the efficiency and good use of a fine product like the line of Zebra printers available.  Once one peruses through the line of printers there will be more than one that meets the needs and demands.  Once a suitable printer is found the option to chat with the website staff about the choices, functionality and more are an extra help to the consumer.  This is very good news and in a way a good sense of equity comes forward so that the shopper knows their money is well spent in a device that they can count on.