Beyond the Banner: The Various Elements of Online Marketing

By Ted Dhanik

While most of the public has gotten used to the standard banner ads commonly seen on websites, many advertisers have started to use other aspects of online marketing to help their clients reach a broader audience. Presented here are a few of the other elements available to businesses to help them find their intended customers.

Pop up and pop under ads are intended to open a new window on a computers browser. The pop up opens a new window above the viewer window, and the pop under opens a new window under the viewer window.

Expanding ads are a media device that grows over a viewing window. The initial activation may be due to a preset time frame, by passing the cursor over a banner ad, or with the click of a mouse. It takes a smaller amount of information and expands it so it may offer more in a larger window and effectively bring a more comprehensive message to the viewer.

One of the most effective methods, which also has the most potential for viewer dissatisfaction, is the trick banner. It is basically an ad that can find common elements of a website or blog, while enticing viewers with additional information. And while they have produced a large amount of click through, a good portion of viewers can get frustrated by finding an advertisement instead of the expanded information they were initially seeking.

While these are only a few examples of elements available for contemporary advertising techniques, many more to help a company’s advertising needs. By finding an advertising agency that uses many of these elements, businesses have a better chance of attracting more customers and will possibly continue to grow.

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