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Security Software for Your Terminal Server

With the rise in technology aimed at terminal servers, remote desktop software has followed suit, allowing employees to access the server and do whatever work needs to be done from just about any location. Of course, this can rightfully cause concerns about security. Fortunately, terminal server monitoring exists.

When it comes to monitoring your terminal server, you generally have two options. One comes in the form of a log. Whenever someone signs into the terminal server, the log takes not. Likewise, the log records when their session is ended and they leave. But the log can also take note of idle time and even the programs the employee ran. This is a huge advantage for companies concerned about security or who just want to make sure their employees are working hard when they log in remotely.

While that is certainly helpful, some companies elect t to take it up a notch, citing an extreme need for security. Companies like these are generally in the finance industry, a government agency or a company working closely with one. These companies can depend on a kind of software that essentially records everything that happens on screen. It provides voluminous amounts of information, but it’s better than nothing in case of an emergency.

If your company needs to monitor their terminal server, consider one of the above types of software. They’ll provide the data you want and the peace of mind you need.


Article submitted by RDPSoft Company. They provide terminal server solutions that allow their clients to keep a terminal services log amongst other things.