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Top web development trends in 2021

Blog provided by Electric Kitten

Every year we see trends that show what we can expect going in to the next. 2021 was no different, and some would credit the pandemic and lockdowns for accelerating online development and technological innovation. Here are some of the key trends we saw this year:

PWA (progressive web applications)

Progressive web apps are not new and not something that was developed in 2021. However, 2021 saw a dramatic increase in PWA due to improvements in user experience. In a nutshell, a PWA is a web application that looks and feels like a smartphone app on mobile, and like a full featured website on a browser. One of the key drivers was ecommerce, with as much as 65% of online shopping coming from mobile devices. The other is that you can run a PWA on your phone without installing an app.


Although using the term Artificial Intelligence is broad, we saw broad usage of related technologies take off in 2021. Chatbots for example went from simple question and answer engines to very realistic customer service interactions. The advancement in AI bots are so far along that they even learn user’s behavior and understand needs.


AMP is a page speed and performance standard created by Google. The standard has seen an uptick in adoption and most links you click on a Google search for news or even regular content on mobile are most likely to be AMP pages. Although Google has the most to gain from adoption, publishers have seen reductions in hosting and web traffic costs and an increase in advertising revenue.

The above is just three of the staggering amount of innovation and trends we saw this year. If the pandemic persists much further, expect 2022 to push the boundaries of what is possible online even more.

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What’s the Difference Between Wicker Furniture and Rattan?

The new trends in furniture are all about styles that are beautiful and yet durable. Families today want comfortable pieces that can be mixed and matched. Those older trends where consumers bought large, heavy pieces of furniture are gone. Those are considered old-fashioned and outdated. Why? Because this new generation looks for furniture that’s unique and even eclectic. Wicker furniture fits the bill!

Though Wicker furniture has been around for years, it has been evolving. The cushions these days are thicker and more comfortable. The fabrics won’t fade over time and they can be cleaned easily by lightly wiping them with soap and warm water. But some consumers have questions about rattan furniture. What is it? Is it different than Wicker?

What Is Rattan?

Native to Manila, rattan comes from a type of palm plant. This plant produces a type of light wood that is easy to work with. It can be made into thin strips and woven into baskets. Larger strips can be woven into the base for chairs, tables and sofas. It has a light, easy feel to it like Jute and Seagrass.

Though Wicker and Rattan are often used interchangeably, they aren’t the same thing. Rattan is a type of material as described above, while Wicker is the weaving technique. So, for instance, you would make a rattan basket by weaving it with a wicker pattern.

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The look and feel of wicker is the epitome of tropical island lifestyle. It’s a great choice for today’s young, on-the-go generation.

Setting up the ideal outdoor work area

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

Major companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have recently adopted outdoor working areas for use by their employees. This practice is not just a trend to make workplaces more unique. It actually carries some significant benefits for employees and their productivity.

Data has shown that being in nature can improve mood, decrease pain and stress, and improve creativity and memory. If your employees are struggling with a specific project, being outdoors may help facilitate the inspiration they need to concoct a new solution. In light of this, it’s a good idea to set up an outdoor work area your employees can use when they need some fresh air.

There are several essential ingredients to a good, functional outdoor space. You’ll need some comfortable furniture where your employees can work without being distracted. Make sure your furniture is designed for outdoor use and resistant to moisture and damage from sunlight. You’ll also need an Internet or Wi-Fi connection so that they can stay connected with their peers and keep up with online projects and assignments. The last element you’ll need is umbrellas to protect your employees from the sun’s heat as they work.

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