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The Most Important Thing to Look for in a Tenant

If you own an apartment complex or some other type of rental property, it goes without saying that your success will depend in large part on the people you get to live there. You need to be very careful about the kinds of people you let into your building, as they will make or break your entire business.

instantbackgroundchecks3There are a number of ways you can regulate who gets to live in your building without breaking any laws. Obviously, where your building is located will have a big effect on this, as will the amount you charge.

However, the most important step you absolutely must take is conducting the background criminal check. This is to ensure you’re not letting any violent criminals onto your grounds where they could put your entire business in danger.

Obviously, you don’t want someone breaking things, including the rules. Getting rid of tenants, even when they’ve signed a contract, can be a huge headache that actually ends up costing a lot of money.

The worst case scenario would be a tenant who turns out to be violent toward your employees or other tenants.

Fortunately, with background checks online these days, you can get one done in a matter of days (usually). So there’s absolutely no reason to put one off.

The Application and Advantages of Ion Beam Sputter Deposition

Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC

Summary: Learn why ion beams are favorable for certain applications.

Ion beam technology has been around for a long time. There are numerous advantages of utilizing ion beam sputter deposition techniques over physical or chemical deposition. Here is a breakdown of the advantages and practical uses that are still applied today.

Ion beams have the capability to coat applications with a wide range of specifications that surpass those of physical or chemical deposition. Their platforms showcase their interchangeability and flexibility by providing the user with either a simple rotation or multi-faceted flip fixture.

What is Ion Beam Sputtering?

Essentially, an ion source is generated to create a beam that targets an object. What the ion beam is consisted of is an anode and a cathode. With the application of a high amount of voltage, an electrostatic field is then created within the ion’s source pushing the ions towards the center. After a gas is injected – which is a crucial step in the process – the gas begins to ionize and the source creates plasma within. After, this process then shoots an ion in a form of beam directly at the target and sputters the material onto the sample. This process follows a similar pattern to e-beam evaporation but involves plasma instead of electrons.

Certain applications, such as biological applications, favor ion beam sputtering due to certain factors such as heat and thermal sensitivity. Excellent sources of coating can be still produced on heat sensitive samples due to the sputtering process’s enhanced capabilities. For example, a slice of cheese can be coated using an ion beam without any complications from the deposition process. An ebeam ray wouldn’t be able to match this type of quality produced.

Why You Should Take Your Time Picking Out an Online Shopping Cart

By Secure Net Shop

Do you have an ecommerce website? Are you thinking of starting one? In either case, you probably already know that there are certain ingredients you’re going to need if you hope to succeed in bringing in an impressive amount of revenue every month.

SecureNetShop3What you can’t afford to do is underestimate the importance of any of these essential elements. For example, a lot of people fail to appreciate that they absolutely need an online shopping cart for their website. As a result, their profits suffer. Worse still, they may fail to make the connection so they never rehabilitate their revenue stream.

The right internet shopping cart is about more than just giving your customers a virtual repository for the items they want to purchase. That would be like saying a traditional business hires employees just to walk around the store. In reality, the difference between good employees and lackluster ones will make the difference between an ecommerce site that works and one that falls on its face.

Not only does your site need to be easy to use, it must also have an easy time getting your customers to purchase greater amounts of product. So be careful in making your decision and implementing it ASAP.


If you’re in the market for shopping cart ecommerce software, you won’t do better than the options at Secure Net Shop. Not only do the people behind this business clearly know their stuff, but their prices are extremely reasonable too.

Criminal Background Checks for Employees

Running a business is never easy. If you built yours up from nothing to something huge, you may think that the day you can finally hire on help will be the best of your life. The truth, though, is that this can often be the beginning of your troubles. It could even be the beginning of serious problems that eventually end your business.

InstantBackgroundcheeks3So how can you make sure this doesn’t happen? While there are a number of ways to do so, employer background checks tend to be the most effective. A simple, instant employment background check can be done without effort by outsourcing the procedure. Yet this one decision on your part will keep your employees safer and could be the difference between your company succeeding or failing.

Keep in mind, too, that these procedures are now commonplace these days, so it’s not as though you’ll need to worry about the employees’ reaction. Just be sure that if you do it to one prospective staff member, you do it to all of them or you could face charges of discrimination.

Luckily, this is such an important step to take, that doing it to all of your employees makes a lot of sense. It’s the only way to ensure a safe working environment.

A Breakdown of RNA Synthesis

Written by: The Midland Certified Reagent Company

Explore the process of RNA synthesis.

RNA, or ribonucleic acids, plays an important role in protein synthesis and the replication of DNA.

When the process of transcription first begins, the RNA polymers attach to a template strand of DNA and then begin to produce an RNA strand off a chain of nucleotides. There are different types of RNA that you should be aware of. The difference also lies in whether the RNA is in a prokaryote or a eukaryote.

The various types of RNA are made up of the different types of RNA polymerase. They are generally large enzymes that function as cell proteins. They play a vital role in the transcription process as they decide what is going to be coded as well as when the process is going to occur. These factors are crucial in the transcription process’s success. The adjunction of both of the strands determines the quality of synthesis.rna-synthesis

DNA polymers on the other hand also play a role within the transcription process. DNA has the code for a cell’s sustenance. With that information within its structure, you’ll find them within the genes. In order for the instructions to be used, they must be coded in a way that cells can used to produce the proper proteins that promote continuous life.

DNA synthesis and RNA synthesis play a hand-in-hand role that is important for life’s patterns. Through these processes, one can achieve breakthrough contributions to today’s society which is why scientists and researchers continue to uncover new trends of both processes.

Make the Choice for a Better Future

By Brand College

Everyone would sleep better at night knowing their future was guaranteed. This sense of certainty becomes even more important when you have a family and know you need to provide for your children. Of course, we all know there is no such thing as a guarantee. We all know that you can’t completely plan for the future. The recession did a good job of teaching us that lesson.

BrandCollege1Still, it’s hard to argue that anything could give you a better chance at a guarantee than computer classes in Glendale. These classes will show you how to program and code for any number of jobs. With computer courses in Los Angeles under your belt, you can apply for the virtually endless stream of IT careers that are in demand right now and will most likely never go out of style. After all, when will we not need people who can understand the technology we all rely on so heavily?

Make the decision today to take a giant step toward a career that will give you decades of worry-free paychecks in a field where you’ll always feel challenged and rewarded for your hard work again and again. Act now to make this incredible opportunity a part of your life.


When you’re ready to get serious about your earning potential, you’re ready to begin taking classes at Brand College. Don’t miss out on such a tremendous opportunity to boost your earning potential and employability through computer training in Los Angeles.

The Science Behind Curing Disease

Written by: The Midland Certified Reagent Company

Summary: Curing disease involves exploring how a potential cure may affect a patient’s DNA.

Curing a disease is not just a matter of throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. The process involves several steps, beginning with how the disease affects the body on a physical and molecular level. It’s important to know, for instance, how disease affects a patient at the molecular level. One of the ways scientists are studying the effects involves using a fluorescent label to identify the disease at the molecular level.


The first step in curing a disease is recognizing it. One good example is malaria, where early detection can make all the difference in diagnosis and treatment. With a molecular beacon probe, scientists can take a blood sample and use an actual market to detect certain cells. This marker is designed to illuminate the cells it needs to find, while leaving other cells alone.

Once medical engineers have positive identification, they can begin to administer a treatment. Early detection is usually a major benefit in fighting life-threatening diseases.

Testing a Cure

Before a cure can be administered to humans, it has to receive thorough testing to confirm it won’t represent a serious danger to human health. In order to cure a disease, engineers need to create a substance that only affects the disease itself. Oligo synthesis is frequently used to test reactions in a laboratory setting.

One reason why testing with oligos makes so much sense is cost. Oligos are very affordable for research labs, and they are ideal for recreating certain conditions that would be present in the body. One scientists can approximate something at a molecular level, it becomes easier to test in live humans or animals because the effects are anticipated to some extent.

Wounded Veterans are Getting a Second Chance Thanks to the Alfred Mann Foundation

A retired army staff sergeant is receiving a gift from the Alfred Mann Foundation

Staff Sergeant James Sides was out on patrol in Afghanistan when he spotted an improvised explosive device. The IED had to be disarmed, and Sides was trained in diffusion in disposal. He went to work on the bomb. It was his second tour, so the task was not unfamiliar but somehow something went wrong.

The IED detonated in close proximity to his body. The shock threw him backward and broke his forearm. The blast also tore his right hand away completely. Although the Army was able to help Sides to a recovery, and he retired to civilian life, he was still missing a part of himself. Everyday tasks like putting on clothes became difficult to manage with only one hand.

The Alfred Mann Foundation reached out to Rogers & Cowan Executive Vice President Steve Doctrow for help. Together, they found Sides and decided to try and change his life for the better. They fitted him with a radio transceiver, which was implanted surgically into his forearm. The device is designed to read how his muscles move and react, making it possible to predict how his hand might actually move. The transceiver makes something like a link between the mechanical hand that Sides wears, and the device within his arm. To an outside observer, it’s almost like Sides is willing it to happen with his mind.

Veterans have some unique needs when it comes to healthcare, so it’s important to consider how our technology can best assist the transition back into civilian life. For James Sides, the Alfred Mann Foundation made a true and measurable difference in his life. In the future, devices like the kind that Sides wears, will see much wider adoption. Not just in the military either.

Finding New Channels For Lead Generation

Lead generation is a competitive industry, and those who survive and grow are able to do so because they stay hungry. The need for more traffic, better conversions and improved engagement never ceases. These three channels will define conversions and user engagement in the coming year, so get a head start in testing your campaigns if you want to scale successfully.


Smartphone adoption rates rise year over year, and both Android and iPhone are popular offerings with a wide range of users. Smartphone users are also more motivated to solve queries immediately, which means they are highly engaged and highly motivated. Bigger screens also mean that there is greater room for content and ads, and that advertisers have more space to work with.


Video is already a major player, with just under half of all content consumed online consisting of ads. That’s a lot of video content, and websites like Twitch and YouTube are making sure content production isn’t slowing either. Mobile video is expected to be particularly engaging, mostly because videos there are short and the user is typically already invested in their phone and unlikely to look away.


The long form ad is making a comeback in the form of blog posts and informative articles. Native advertising is expected to continue seeing success with millennials, who shy away from sales pitches and obvious calls to action. The success of native advertising will depend on the proper audience seeing it, so granular targeting is the best approach.

Bio: Ted Dhanik has helped build some of the biggest brands on the Web, including and Ted Dhanik is passionate about digital advertising, and a thought leader in the space. Ted Dhanik is also the co-founder and CEO of engage:BDR in Los Angeles.

How to Scale a Growing Campaign

Successful campaigns don’t stop growing. There are always more keywords to bid on, more interests and demographics to target, and more related offers you can make. One of the qualities that separate an advanced marketer from a newbie is the ability to scale campaigns and branch out into other effective offers. If you want to scale your campaign, use these tips for ideas on how to get started.

Test Frequently

You will never grow a campaign if you do not look for opportunities to do so. By testing your campaigns frequently, you challenge yourself to explore new methods of advertising to your target market. A good test to start with is day parting. Especially considering the potential bump in profit margins and conversion rates if you’re right about the dates and times you choose.

Never replace your most successful campaign with a test. Always have a campaign that ranks number one for you, something that performs consistently well. Once you have a well-oiled machine, switch one element and test it with some traffic in a new ad group. Be sure to raise your bids too. This way, you’re more likely to receive a bump in traffic to get you started and acquire some meaningful data.

When you test, always test with a purpose. It helps to have a theory about your campaign going into a test. You can only develop meaningful tests if you study what users are doing when they visit your ads and landing pages.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is a digital advertising expert with experience growing brands like Ted Dhanik is the co-founder of engage:BDR. For more information on mobile and desktop advertising, contact Ted Dhanik.