The Antidote to Work Performance Poison

Facebook and other social media sites such as Tumblr, Twitter is widely popular among people now a day. It is no doubt that a vast majority of employees who have access to a computer and internet at their place of work will tend to go on these sites a few times during the duration of their shift. It isn’t really a bad thing if you think about it so long as it is done in moderation, but the moment that work efficiency gets hindered, that is when you should start to worry. Productivity goes down the drain when work is set aside to catch up on the latest status update of someone else.

In order to address this issue, it is first important to make employees well aware of their job and how it is not to surf or go on these social media sites all day long. Secondly, it would also be wise to use what is called remote desktop monitoring software where you can keep track of all the activities of a particular set of computers using another computer through the network. Likewise, a terminal server manager is another option in which you set the restrictions for the workstation computer in question and limit its access to social media sites.

Social media sites are nice because it lets us connect with our friends, but like all things good, must be done during the right time. These things can get addictive and end up poisoning work performance.


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