Mobile Apps to Explore Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is the largest island in the Cayman Islands chain. You’ll need a car rental for Cayman Island, to get the true experience of exploring, but you can find plenty of places offering sites you can’t find anywhere else. Most of the year is very mild, and the landscape is like an island paradise. You’ll find hibiscus plants and palm trees all over the island, with bright beaches and plenty of diving spots.

There are some apps you can download to your smartphone that can help enhance your trip, even if you’ve come to disconnect. Turn the email off, and fire up some of these apps to make your stay in Grand Cayman more enjoyable.


Normal winter months in the US are the perfect time to visit Grand Cayman. Storms are less likely to hit during these periods, and the weather is generally quite mild. Almost hot on some days. October is the rainiest season of Grand Cayman, and weather can get a little unpredictable throughout the year. A good weather app will help you plan your surfing days with your shopping days, so you are never caught out in the rain unexpectedly. Great weather apps will give you temperature readouts by the hour too, so you can be sure that you have a coat for you or your partner when you hit the town for the evening.


Every Grand Cayman car for hire should come equipped with a GPS unit. The Cayman Islands aren’t particularly complex to get around in, but there are new construction projects happening all the time. As a result, the streets can be difficult to maneuver. There are also new detours that pop up, and a bit of traffic during weekdays especially. Grand Cayman is where the financial center of Cayman Islands is located, so crossing through that area at certain times of day can prove more hectic than sticking to the outskirts.

Google Sky

Google Sky won’t help you find new things to do, like bars or restaurants, but it will give your nights a lot more context. This fun little app allows you to point your phone up at the sky. Google uses your phone’s camera to identify where stars are located. Since you can see so clearly in the Cayman Islands, Google Sky is a fun tool to spend stargazing on warm nights on the beach. Search for constellations and get better perspective on your place in the universe.

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Andys Rent-A-Car is the Cayman Islands source for rent-a-car in Grand Cayman. Andys Rent-A-Car has three locations across Grand Cayman, to better serve new visitors to the island chain.

Why You Need Colocation

By Rack Alley

In the digital age, no company can afford to be caught flat-footed where technology is concerned. This is a great way to end up handing over market share to your competitors. Unfortunately, too many businesses don’t understand how Los Angeles colocation can end up contributing to their bottomline. Even the ones that are located right by an LA data center often let this amazing solution move right under their noses.

Fortunately, you can act today and get on the ball, even if you’ve never used coloation before. The great thing about colocation is that it’s virtually a turnkey solution that you can take advantage of at any time. When you do, the benefits begin immediately.

In short, colocation allows you to put almost all your digital hardware offsite. There, it will stay protected and under the right temperatures so no amount of traffic or use can ever fry it or throw it overboard. As a result, you get the digital services you need and another company handles all the work that goes along with supporting it.

So if you want to stay relevant in the digital age without all the overhead, colocation is undoubtedly the way you need to go.


When you’re in the market for a Los Angeles data center, it doesn’t get any better than Rack Alley. Like any company, you have unique needs when it comes to what a data center means, but Rack Alley understands this, which is why they offer custom solutions to every customer.

How to Optimize for Inbound Marketing

New advancements in display advertising have made it a powerful tool for inbound marketing. Buy-side platforms now offer marketers a self-service station, where they can find segments of consumers highly motivated to see the ads they want to show. Marketing is still somewhat of a numbers game, but there is a greater degree of precision available.

That makes it easier to optimize your campaigns, especially if you understand the results you’re getting for your efforts.

Landing Page

The top half of your landing page, commonly referred to as “above the fold,” is where you want to pack in most of your content. Headlines should be visible immediately, and it helps to put your keywords into your headline. If you can, try to fit any forms you may have on the page. It also helps to include the call to action, which is typically a part of the form or the button that leads to the form. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, make sure that your landing page loads quickly so that users can see your ad before they click away.


In banner advertising, a shorter form is usually best. You want customers to give you only the information that is most critical to your campaign, and it’s a good idea to reduce the steps it takes them to give you this information. Optimize your form and use goal funnels to see where users drop out during the process.

Once you have optimized your landing page, you can test new keywords and targeting settings on your campaigns.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is an Internet marketing expert from Los Angeles. Ted Dhanik specializes in lead generation through display advertising, and is the co-founder of engage:BDR. For more information about Ted Dhanik, visit his blog or engage:BDR.

Keep Computers Cool

By MovinCool

When you think about warm temps, most of us imagine the summer and heat waves that have us heading indoors and looking for the A/C and maybe even a cold drink. However, warm temps can do more than just put some sweat on our brow. They can also affect your important machines.

And when temperatures get to warm for your personal or commercial computers, they don’t sweat. Instead, they stop working correctly and eventually may even begin stop functioning altogether. No one wants this, but if you run computers for commercial purposes, this type of event could cost you dearly. This is especially true if you operate servers, which can easily overheat.

Fortunately, you have options for keeping temperatures to a manageable level. What many people and companies do is utilize portable cooling systems to help tame temperatures. You can also go all the way to industrial air conditioning methods if you really need the AC pumping to keep your important area nice and cool.

So don’t let warm temps hurt your business or computer. Use the right cooling systems to keep temps down.


MovinCool is an industry leader in portable air conditioning systems and other applications for creating the ideal environment, no matter what that may mean or why you may want it. When you need a portable air conditioner, this company not only has the actual machines you need, but can supply you with any and all pertinent information so you get the results you want.

Types of Video Advertising

Video advertising is becoming a popular form of advertising thisyear. Success in this market requires thorough knowledge of ad formats, and a working sense of the user experience.


Some companies show an ad before the video starts in what’s called the pre-roll portion. Pre-roll ads come in two forms, those the user has control over and those the user does not. Pre-roll ads are often a part of the video itself, so the user usually has to view them before viewing the video. If the user wants the content badly enough, in-stream or pre-roll ads can get a lot of exposure.


Ads that are said to be “in-banner” are like any other form of banner advertising. They are most often shown in the content of a page, usually in the margins. They may expand as the user hovers over them, so always ask the traffic network that you are buying from whether or not ads scale. These ads can be disruptive under certain situations, so thoroughly test your in-banner ads before deployment to verify that the user experience is non-intrusive.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is a display advertising expert with fifteen years of experience in the industry. Ted Dhanik provides lead generation tips using banner advertising. Find out how to build leads with Ted Dhanik and engage:BDR.

Semiconductors: Manufacture and Applications

Semiconductors are found in almost every electronic device in your home. The process to build one has many phases, including rigorous testing. The device is able to regulate the flow of energy, like an “on/off” switch. Creating the circuitry is done in steps, and requires advanced fabrication techniques like plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. Here is a bit more information on how this process works.

Semiconductor Manufacture

Semiconductors need to have a circuit board mapped out, then circuitry applied. They are made of compacted silicon, which is then shaped and hardened before they are cut to size. The chips are often wafer thin, and the entire process can take up to eight weeks. This is all done at a nearly microscopic level due to the precision required. First, a kind of “map of circuitry” is drawn (or more accurately, printed) onto the surface of the board. Next, ion beam etching is used to apply the materials to the circuit board.

Throughout this process, hazardous materials are used to coat the device, including arsine and phosphorus. After manufacture, chips must be tested with an electronic tester. This devices presses tiny probes against the chip to determine if it transfers power properly.


Semiconductors are found in just about anything. They are the primary components in computers, but they are found in other electronic appliances as well. They are used to transfer power from one section of a device to another, like powering a computer processor.

Denton Vacuum, LLC manufactures a magnetron sputtering system used in the manufacture of semiconductors and industrial devices.

Manufacturing Techniques for Medical Technology

Modern medical device coatings are designed to eliminate the discomfort involved with tubes inside the body. Items like catheters would cause extreme discomfort without some sort of technology to make the tubing slip-proof. Using special manufacturing processes, we are able to create medical devices that can fit comfortably within the body. The following are just a few uses for this exciting technology.

Beam Technology

Using a super-heating process with ion beams, manufacturers are able to produce medical tubing that is capable of resisting long-term wear and tear. It’s a similar process to the one used in the manufacture of metalized plastic, which can be found in aircraft systems. This space-age technology uses electrons to super heat a substance and melt it down to a molecular level. The particulate matter then bounces around the chamber until it settles on the substrate. The material coats the substrate completely, which allows manufacturers to coat materials that would otherwise melt under the extreme temperatures. apply particular matter to something called the substrate. Manufacturers must first create a 3-D model of the substrate, which they use to make the proper calculations before it’s placed in the chamber.

Medical Applications

This technology is prevelant in many devices in circulation today. Chances are good that anyone wearing a prosthetic implant uses materials created by this technology. This process can be used to metalize plastics and make them more durable, useful for joints in a moving part like an artificial knee or hip. Thanks to plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, we can replace lost limbs and give patients a new lease on life.

Denton Vacuum, LLC makes PECVD systems for use in the coating of medical devices. Find out more about manufacturing with PECVD when you visit Denton Vacuum, LLC.

Save Money on Your Web Hosting

By Rack Alley

Just about every company in LA needs help with hosting. It’s how they keep a website up and running that actually serves their best interests. Unfortunately, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could be working against your own. Los Angels web hosting companies can charge an up and a leg and unsuspecting businesses are usually paying.

However, you can save on LA web hosting if you know what you’re doing. First, consider the fact that the whole surrounding area can be used for your hosting. You could even head to Northern California.

Secondly, you want to consider those companies that have an a la carte option. By this, I mean that you need shouldn’t have to pay for a bunch of options you’ll never use. Maybe you just need web hosting, but not colocaiton. Many companies offer both and will insist on you buying a package that includes the two. This is wasted money.

Lastly, there’s no underestimating redundancy. You absolutely need a system for backing up your information. This will save you a ton of money if an earthquake hits or something else goes wrong. Of course, it will also save all the information you need to successfully run your business.

Rack Alley is your one stop shop for a LA data center. Whether you need colocation, hosting, support or just about anything else, Rack Alley has the resources, redundancy and expertise to ensure you get what you’re looking for at the best possible price.

How Vacuum Metallization Works

Ion beam assisted deposition is an important manufacturing process used in many household goods.

Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC

There are two major components that are important to ion beam assisted deposition: you need a substrate that you can apply a coating to. This could be the lens of a pair of eye glasses, the cell from a solar panel, parts for a car, or medical tubing. The coating material is also required. It can be a special chemical to erase glare in lenses, or it can be aluminum to be applied to plastic sheets.

Process Explained

Once you have both the substrate and coating, both objects are placed into a vacuum sealed chamber. Then the coating can begin.

Optical coating systems start by heating the coating substance and melting it down. This breaks the coating down into particulate matter, which then bounces off the walls of the chamber before settling onto the substrate. While this is happening, the chamber is being cooled. The combination of the hot and cold causes the particles to settle and solidify on the substrate.


Ebeam technology is used to manufacture the solar absorbent coating on a solar cell. It also adds durability to common parts used in manufacturing and automobiles through metallization, or the application of a thin metallic coating. You can find evidence of deposition on eye glasses as well.

Final Thoughts

Much of the technology that uses sputtering was once out of reach of consumers. Solar panels are still the exception, being too expensive for everyone to afford at the moment, but we are fast approaching a time where technology makes it easy for us to mass produce amazing items.

Space Weather Balloons Bring Families Together

Looking for something fun to do with the entire family? Finding a family-friendly activity that everyone will enjoy is easier said than done. But it’s not impossible. Simply ask anyone in your household, young or old, if they would like to send a weather balloon into near deep space and you’re sure to get a resounding yes. And you don’t have to pay a fortune to do it either.

Sky Probe, a company that offers near space platforms, is making it possible for families to spend quality time together as they work on the launch of a professional weather balloon into near space. How is this possible? The company offers affordable weather balloon launch kits designed for the average consumer. The kit includes the balloon, a GPS datalogger, and two extra support arms.

The whole idea behind this project is that anyone can do it. Families can work together to build the kit, plan the launch, and track the payload during the entire adventure. The company even offers technical support along with full instructions on how to build and use the balloon, which means you can participate even if you’ve never done this before.

If you’ve always wanted to make science and engineering fun for your children, a high altitude balloon launch kit is the answer. So how much does something like this cost? The Ultimate High Altitude Launch Kit is around $800. Considering that you can use it several times and that it will bring together your entire family, it’s worth the cost.