Moving Cool

 By Movincool

                It’s becoming popular, especially in outdoor events, to see portable air conditioners around the area. It’s become a hit new invention these days, making events a lot more comfortable. Although the technology has been available for a while now, it has only recently caught favor among party planners and venue suppliers. What was well known before was non-portable air conditioners. These were the big boxes that was mounted on walls and ceilings or standing in the corner. Both technologies do the same job, so what really is the difference or benefit?

                 They both do the same job and the argument of one being colder than the other is invalid because cooling efficiency really depends on the design which varies per brand. The only real difference is the portable fact of it. Then again, who cares if it’s portable right? The good thing about being portable is that you can move it to different areas of the room. Portable A/C units can be placed in hot spots of the room, resulting in a more even even room cooling. No matter how well you design a room and where its A/C units are installed, there will always be some hot spots in the area. You can try to solve it by just increasing the temperature control on the air conditioners, but that just lowers the overall temperature. To solve hot spots, you really have to place a cooling solution in the spot, which is where portable A/C units excel.

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