Four Signs Your Ads Won’t Work

Written by Ted Dhanik.

Wondering why your biz-op banner advertising isn’t driving people toward work at home bliss? Well, it could be for a number of reasons. Pinpointing the one reason that truly makes a difference is what separates smart marketers from the rest of the pack. These tips look at the dead-giveaways and red flags that should signal the death of your ad. If you see these warning signs, make changes or abandon ship!


The first sign to look for is whether there is a disconnect between your copy and your landing page. A disconnect refers to anything that doesn’t match between your ad and your landing page, for example, a banner with a woman that goes to a landing page with a man. This simple change can have a dramatic effect on your campaigns and conversion rates. Missing a word or using a different slogan can have a huge impact on sales, so make sure your pages match your ads. You should also incorporate the keywords for your ad into your targeting, including copy that mentions those keywords on the ad and landing page.

Value Proposition

The value proposition is everything, and if you’re not supplying your users with something valuable, you’re losing them. A free report can suffice, but think about what you can offer customers that would be most valuable. For instance, if a biz-op offer could take the customer to a list of jobs he can apply for after sign up, then the customer is more motivated to complete the action. Incentivizing your signups is not unethical, and these ads are most effective when there is something real and useful at stake.


The way your ad looks can also impact conversion. Colors, pictures and cluttered text can all have measurable impacts on your final results. Try to identify banners that match the colors on the landing page, or that match the colors of a brand. When searching for pictures, always try to use people that are wearing or interacting with your products. Failing that, use pictures that evoke the proper emotions that you are looking for.

Placement is Wrong

The placement is the toughest part of display advertising because it can be difficult to pinpoint why a placement is or is not working. Try the broadest approach possible, targeting many placements and dropping the ones that have the highest CPAs. Be sure to give your campaign enough of a financial boost so you can get traffic to your placements. It’s difficult to tell if a placement is working if you have no measurable results to compare it to.

Ted Dhanik has been a thought leader in the sales and direct marketing space for fifteen years. Ted Dhanik is also the co-founder and president of engage:BDR. To find out how engage:BDR can help improve your campaigns, visit Ted Dhanik online.