A Breakdown of RNA Synthesis

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Explore the process of RNA synthesis.

RNA, or ribonucleic acids, plays an important role in protein synthesis and the replication of DNA.

When the process of transcription first begins, the RNA polymers attach to a template strand of DNA and then begin to produce an RNA strand off a chain of nucleotides. There are different types of RNA that you should be aware of. The difference also lies in whether the RNA is in a prokaryote or a eukaryote.

The various types of RNA are made up of the different types of RNA polymerase. They are generally large enzymes that function as cell proteins. They play a vital role in the transcription process as they decide what is going to be coded as well as when the process is going to occur. These factors are crucial in the transcription process’s success. The adjunction of both of the strands determines the quality of synthesis.rna-synthesis

DNA polymers on the other hand also play a role within the transcription process. DNA has the code for a cell’s sustenance. With that information within its structure, you’ll find them within the genes. In order for the instructions to be used, they must be coded in a way that cells can used to produce the proper proteins that promote continuous life.

DNA synthesis and RNA synthesis play a hand-in-hand role that is important for life’s patterns. Through these processes, one can achieve breakthrough contributions to today’s society which is why scientists and researchers continue to uncover new trends of both processes.

Make the Choice for a Better Future

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The Science Behind Curing Disease

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Summary: Curing disease involves exploring how a potential cure may affect a patient’s DNA.

Curing a disease is not just a matter of throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. The process involves several steps, beginning with how the disease affects the body on a physical and molecular level. It’s important to know, for instance, how disease affects a patient at the molecular level. One of the ways scientists are studying the effects involves using a fluorescent label to identify the disease at the molecular level.


The first step in curing a disease is recognizing it. One good example is malaria, where early detection can make all the difference in diagnosis and treatment. With a molecular beacon probe, scientists can take a blood sample and use an actual market to detect certain cells. This marker is designed to illuminate the cells it needs to find, while leaving other cells alone.

Once medical engineers have positive identification, they can begin to administer a treatment. Early detection is usually a major benefit in fighting life-threatening diseases.

Testing a Cure

Before a cure can be administered to humans, it has to receive thorough testing to confirm it won’t represent a serious danger to human health. In order to cure a disease, engineers need to create a substance that only affects the disease itself. Oligo synthesis is frequently used to test reactions in a laboratory setting.

One reason why testing with oligos makes so much sense is cost. Oligos are very affordable for research labs, and they are ideal for recreating certain conditions that would be present in the body. One scientists can approximate something at a molecular level, it becomes easier to test in live humans or animals because the effects are anticipated to some extent.

Wounded Veterans are Getting a Second Chance Thanks to the Alfred Mann Foundation

A retired army staff sergeant is receiving a gift from the Alfred Mann Foundation

Staff Sergeant James Sides was out on patrol in Afghanistan when he spotted an improvised explosive device. The IED had to be disarmed, and Sides was trained in diffusion in disposal. He went to work on the bomb. It was his second tour, so the task was not unfamiliar but somehow something went wrong.

The IED detonated in close proximity to his body. The shock threw him backward and broke his forearm. The blast also tore his right hand away completely. Although the Army was able to help Sides to a recovery, and he retired to civilian life, he was still missing a part of himself. Everyday tasks like putting on clothes became difficult to manage with only one hand.

The Alfred Mann Foundation reached out to Rogers & Cowan Executive Vice President Steve Doctrow for help. Together, they found Sides and decided to try and change his life for the better. They fitted him with a radio transceiver, which was implanted surgically into his forearm. The device is designed to read how his muscles move and react, making it possible to predict how his hand might actually move. The transceiver makes something like a link between the mechanical hand that Sides wears, and the device within his arm. To an outside observer, it’s almost like Sides is willing it to happen with his mind.

Veterans have some unique needs when it comes to healthcare, so it’s important to consider how our technology can best assist the transition back into civilian life. For James Sides, the Alfred Mann Foundation made a true and measurable difference in his life. In the future, devices like the kind that Sides wears, will see much wider adoption. Not just in the military either.

The Many Uses for a PVD System

Physical vapor deposition is a blanket term that is meant to encompass a host of processes used to apply a thin film coating to a substrate. This technique was utilized by NASA in 2010. The goal was to create lighter parts that could withstand the intense pressures and strain needed to propel a vehicle to space. Since, almost every mechanical industry has benefitted from the usage of PVD coating.

High Performance

F-1 racing involves high-performance parts that must be able to function under immense strain. Parts can heat up quickly, and materials would be prohibitively expensive to replace if they continued to break down. Improvements to the manufacturing sector allow builders to metalize plastic parts, which is excellent for bolts and bearings that need strength. The process is also used to reinforce gear boxes and increase their longevity.

Weight Concerns

Both the aerospace and automotive industries benefit greatly from reduction of weight in their vehicles. Less weight means less to push or pull in propulsion, which ultimately cuts fuel consumption. It also has the added benefit of increasing the top speed that a vehicle can travel.


The most cited benefit of using this technology comes in the form of added durability for the products in question. Metalizing a product lends the properties of that metal to whatever the product is. Plastic screws are a good example. Plastic pieces are metalized in temperature-controlled chambers, where the metal can be superheated and the chamber cooled enough to contain the plastic without damaging it. The thin layer reduces material usage and improves durability, even if that layer is mere microns in thickness.


Bio: Denton Vacuum, LLC specializes in vacuum deposition systems used in the manufacture of high-performance parts and medical devices.

Apps for Planning your Next Vacation

compass-travelWritten by Andys Rent-A-Car

As we are embarking into the end of year, you might be considering vacations if you have not yet gone for your holidays. The apps listed below would enable you to plan your next trip. They can also help you to save on your hotels, car rentals and flights.

Deciding on the location

Apps such as Minube allow you to browse through several locations and to view pictures and videos in order to get an idea what you expect when you actually get there. This app is free and can be available on iOs. Another app that would help you view pictures of locations is Trippy.

Looking for an affordable flight

Once you have set your mind on a short list of locations, you can browse through flight prices and compare them to know which one would be more affordable. For this you might use an app such as Kayak. This app helps you to scrounge up the best deals per location and date. Google Flights can also be helpful along the same line of helping you find affordable flights per destination.

Budget hotels

Once you have decided on the location, the flight and period of stay, next comes the decision of where to stay. Apps such as Gogobot might help you with that. This app allows you to plan potential travel itineraries and to share them with your friends.

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Mobile Apps to Explore Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is the largest island in the Cayman Islands chain. You’ll need a car rental for Cayman Island, to get the true experience of exploring, but you can find plenty of places offering sites you can’t find anywhere else. Most of the year is very mild, and the landscape is like an island paradise. You’ll find hibiscus plants and palm trees all over the island, with bright beaches and plenty of diving spots.

There are some apps you can download to your smartphone that can help enhance your trip, even if you’ve come to disconnect. Turn the email off, and fire up some of these apps to make your stay in Grand Cayman more enjoyable.


Normal winter months in the US are the perfect time to visit Grand Cayman. Storms are less likely to hit during these periods, and the weather is generally quite mild. Almost hot on some days. October is the rainiest season of Grand Cayman, and weather can get a little unpredictable throughout the year. A good weather app will help you plan your surfing days with your shopping days, so you are never caught out in the rain unexpectedly. Great weather apps will give you temperature readouts by the hour too, so you can be sure that you have a coat for you or your partner when you hit the town for the evening.


Every Grand Cayman car for hire should come equipped with a GPS unit. The Cayman Islands aren’t particularly complex to get around in, but there are new construction projects happening all the time. As a result, the streets can be difficult to maneuver. There are also new detours that pop up, and a bit of traffic during weekdays especially. Grand Cayman is where the financial center of Cayman Islands is located, so crossing through that area at certain times of day can prove more hectic than sticking to the outskirts.

Google Sky

Google Sky won’t help you find new things to do, like bars or restaurants, but it will give your nights a lot more context. This fun little app allows you to point your phone up at the sky. Google uses your phone’s camera to identify where stars are located. Since you can see so clearly in the Cayman Islands, Google Sky is a fun tool to spend stargazing on warm nights on the beach. Search for constellations and get better perspective on your place in the universe.

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Semiconductors: Manufacture and Applications

Semiconductors are found in almost every electronic device in your home. The process to build one has many phases, including rigorous testing. The device is able to regulate the flow of energy, like an “on/off” switch. Creating the circuitry is done in steps, and requires advanced fabrication techniques like plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. Here is a bit more information on how this process works.

Semiconductor Manufacture

Semiconductors need to have a circuit board mapped out, then circuitry applied. They are made of compacted silicon, which is then shaped and hardened before they are cut to size. The chips are often wafer thin, and the entire process can take up to eight weeks. This is all done at a nearly microscopic level due to the precision required. First, a kind of “map of circuitry” is drawn (or more accurately, printed) onto the surface of the board. Next, ion beam etching is used to apply the materials to the circuit board.

Throughout this process, hazardous materials are used to coat the device, including arsine and phosphorus. After manufacture, chips must be tested with an electronic tester. This devices presses tiny probes against the chip to determine if it transfers power properly.


Semiconductors are found in just about anything. They are the primary components in computers, but they are found in other electronic appliances as well. They are used to transfer power from one section of a device to another, like powering a computer processor.

Denton Vacuum, LLC manufactures a magnetron sputtering system used in the manufacture of semiconductors and industrial devices.

Manufacturing Techniques for Medical Technology

Modern medical device coatings are designed to eliminate the discomfort involved with tubes inside the body. Items like catheters would cause extreme discomfort without some sort of technology to make the tubing slip-proof. Using special manufacturing processes, we are able to create medical devices that can fit comfortably within the body. The following are just a few uses for this exciting technology.

Beam Technology

Using a super-heating process with ion beams, manufacturers are able to produce medical tubing that is capable of resisting long-term wear and tear. It’s a similar process to the one used in the manufacture of metalized plastic, which can be found in aircraft systems. This space-age technology uses electrons to super heat a substance and melt it down to a molecular level. The particulate matter then bounces around the chamber until it settles on the substrate. The material coats the substrate completely, which allows manufacturers to coat materials that would otherwise melt under the extreme temperatures. apply particular matter to something called the substrate. Manufacturers must first create a 3-D model of the substrate, which they use to make the proper calculations before it’s placed in the chamber.

Medical Applications

This technology is prevelant in many devices in circulation today. Chances are good that anyone wearing a prosthetic implant uses materials created by this technology. This process can be used to metalize plastics and make them more durable, useful for joints in a moving part like an artificial knee or hip. Thanks to plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, we can replace lost limbs and give patients a new lease on life.

Denton Vacuum, LLC makes PECVD systems for use in the coating of medical devices. Find out more about manufacturing with PECVD when you visit Denton Vacuum, LLC.

How Vacuum Metallization Works

Ion beam assisted deposition is an important manufacturing process used in many household goods.

Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC

There are two major components that are important to ion beam assisted deposition: you need a substrate that you can apply a coating to. This could be the lens of a pair of eye glasses, the cell from a solar panel, parts for a car, or medical tubing. The coating material is also required. It can be a special chemical to erase glare in lenses, or it can be aluminum to be applied to plastic sheets.

Process Explained

Once you have both the substrate and coating, both objects are placed into a vacuum sealed chamber. Then the coating can begin.

Optical coating systems start by heating the coating substance and melting it down. This breaks the coating down into particulate matter, which then bounces off the walls of the chamber before settling onto the substrate. While this is happening, the chamber is being cooled. The combination of the hot and cold causes the particles to settle and solidify on the substrate.


Ebeam technology is used to manufacture the solar absorbent coating on a solar cell. It also adds durability to common parts used in manufacturing and automobiles through metallization, or the application of a thin metallic coating. You can find evidence of deposition on eye glasses as well.

Final Thoughts

Much of the technology that uses sputtering was once out of reach of consumers. Solar panels are still the exception, being too expensive for everyone to afford at the moment, but we are fast approaching a time where technology makes it easy for us to mass produce amazing items.