2 Suggestions for Good Fleet Management

Fleet management is something that every company with vehicles should be concerned about. Here are two tips that companies can use to help their fleet running well.


Analyze the maintenance records of the fleet. Are you tracking the right information to make maintenance decisions that are informed? As an example, just recording the work on the front end which was completed on a particular vehicle isn’t going to give you enough information to detect the failure trends for the components of the front end. The records should indicate at a minimum the model and make of that vehicle, the mileage and date when the service was done, and the services which were done to the specific components.  This will let you analyze your data well.

Examine any kind of unexplained demand maintenance incidents which had been required between the preventative maintenance that was scheduled.  Look for any trends. If there had been some particular failures which happened on the certain vehicles, figure out if you can adjust your program for preventative maintenance to get rid of those failures. Some of the vehicles are going to be more prone to issues with particular systems as compared to others.  You might have to develop a variety of schedules for certain vehicle models and makes. Keep in mind, a single maintenance program might not work well for all of the fleets or all of the vehicles in one fleet.

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