How to conduct a free online check?


Article by Tenant Screening Services, LLC

Many people conduct background criminal checks on individuals to protect themselves as well as their loved ones. It is also a good idea to conduct a background criminal check on yourself. This can help you gather sensitive information that can be used by a potential employer, stalker or exes. Instant criminal background check online can be expensive and require a lot of information that you may not have. Here are a few tips on how to conduct a free background check online.

Target’s name – Use search engines and social networks such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. To narrow your search, try entering any other information you know about your target, for example if your target’s name is Jane Doe and she works at Mcdonalds, include Jane Doe; Mcdonalds in your search.

Searching Your Social Networks – Facebook is the best tool to provide information on your target. Since the information provided is self voluntary, it is a much used tool by many employers. If entering your target’s name and email address does not provide you with any results, this maybe because they have placed their profile on private and unsearchable. In this instance, you can do a site specific google search. This will bring up any public pages or groups they have commented on.

Finding your target’s phone number and address – To find your target’s phone number, you can use ZabaSearch. For mobile phone numbers a good web site is If you’re successful and locate a mobile number, it will also include an address for your target.

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